5: The Deverills 2 - North of the River Wylye and a curious Roman Villa

In this episode we continue our journey around the Deverills and the Wylye Valley, picking up where we left the walk in the previous episode at Brixton Deverill. 

We look at the extraordinary find of the site of a Roman villa in the gardens of a house in Brixton Deverill. We then take to the hills tracing a route to Brims Down, Cold Kitchen Hill and Whitecliff Down discussing the area’s rich history dating back to Neolithic times and the incredible long barrow on Cold Kitchen Hill before returning to Kingston Deverill where we began the walk in the previous episode.

Also in this episode we respond to comments and questions from listeners, talk about what Glyn and Paul have been up to in the Wiltshire countryside since the last episode and shamelessly plug the superb blog by long term Hidden Wiltshire contributor Steve Dewey about the bridges that cross the Wylye River from beginning to end. We also marvel at how Steve managed to work the word “bosky” into his blog.

Finally we provide details of the fantastic offer to listeners of the podcast from Lowa Boots UK. You'll need to listen to the end for details!

You can follow the walk that both Glyn and Paul have done on the Hidden Wiltshire website using the link below. We’ve also written about it in further blogs. Truly a favourite area for both of us.

The music and sounds are provided by the multi-talented Steve Dixon. The piece in the Introduction is entitled “The Holloway”, whilst the piece introducing us to continuation of the walk is entitled Downlands. We also use Steve’s composition to play us out at the end of the podcast. Can you name the birds whose calls Steve captured for his recordings?


You can follow the walk on the Hidden Wiltshire website here A Different Take on the Deverills

Glyn’s photographs can be seen on the Hidden Wiltshire website and his Instagram feed @coy_cloud

Paul’s website can be found at Paul Timlett Photography and on Instagram at @tragicyclist

Steve Dixon’s sound art can be found on Soundcloud where his username is River and Rail Steve Dixon River and Rail. His photographs can be found on Instagram at @stevedixon_creative and his graphic design business website is at Steve Dixon Creative

And you can find Lowa Boots UK at  Lowa Boots UK

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